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Challenging Asbestos Removal Project Completed in New Jersey

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Project: Challenging Asbestos Removal Project Completed in New Jersey

Client:   Available upon request
Location:   New Jersey


Challenging Asbestos Removal Project Completed in New Jersey by The MACK Group, LLC.

The MACK Group, LLC, a premier asbestos abatement and removal contractor, recently completed a very challenging asbestos removal and abatement project for a large former newsprint company in the State of New Jersey. The project was a challenge due to the quantity of asbestos-containing materials to be abated as well as the aggressive schedule for project completion.


Flooring Removal
Flooring Removal


The client needed to have the facility abated on a very aggressive schedule. In addition, the project needed to adhere to all Federal, State, and Local regulations and laws and also be conducted professionally with strict attention to safety.

The client selected the MACK Group, LLC (MACK) based on their impeccable safety record, commitment to schedule, and economical approach to asbestos removal.


The facility had a significant quantity of asbestos to be abated. Asbestos-containing materials (ACM) included: 87,000 square feet of VAT and mastic; 23,000 square feet of spray-on fireproofing; 1,000 square feet of transite panels; 500 square feet of roof tar; 150 pipe fittings; 500 square feet of the textured ceiling; and 120 linear feet of caulking.


All work was performed following all OSHA & EPA regulations as they pertain to asbestos abatement. In addition, all OSHA and other safety regulations were followed as safety is paramount on all of the MACK Group’s projects.


Mobilization to the site required that several tasks be completed with attention to detail. This included the placement of all required signage on all entrances to the work area, installing connections to electricity and water, and the building of separation barriers and a decontamination facility. Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) inspection was performed by The MACK’s competent person.


To remove the asbestos floor tile and mastic, MACK used a combination of proprietary flooring removal machines that they own in their fleet of abatement equipment. The flooring removal machines have zero emissions and fumes allowing for use in restricted ventilation areas. These machines allowed MACK to easily remove the floor tile and mastic down to the original concrete floor surface without damaging the existing concrete.


The MACK Group, LLC used various techniques to remove the other ACM. Wetting of all ACM and double bagging the ACM using 6 mil thick poly bags with appropriate labeling.


Final cleanup of the work area included inspection of the work area to ensure all material had been removed, a final wet wipe, and HEPA vacuum of all equipment and encapsulation with a lockdown encapsulant.


The MACK Group was responsible for all OSHA sampling, recalculation of air pumps, etc. during the work. Mack Group’s competent person provided oversight and managed the utilization of personal air pumps on workers and analysis by an independent third-party laboratory. Results were posted onsite.


All ACM waste was disposed of in an approved EPA landfill as per regulations, complete with all required documentation and manifests.


The project was completed in 2 phases: 4 weeks for the first phase and 5 weeks for the second phase. This project was completed without incident or injury.


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