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The Mack Group, LLC is an expert contractor in concrete resurfacing and concrete floor preparation services. We provide our concrete resurfacing and preparation services to industrial, institutional, and commercial clients.


Concrete Resurfacing Services Include:


Removal of Industrial Coatings
Removal of Industrial Coatings


  • Removal of industrial coatings
  • Removal of Epoxy, Elastomeric and Rubberized Coatings
  • Removal of old and weak concrete
  • Removal of carpet, VCT, vinyl, ceramics
  • Removal of hardwoods
  • Removal of decorative coatings, sports courts, and many other surface coverings and flooring products.


Equipment Utilized


To accomplish these services, The Mack Group, LLC utilizes state-of-the-art equipment including Blastrac shot blast ride-on machines and The Terminator flooring removal machine.


Shotblasting blastrac contractor services
Shotblasting blastrac contractor services




DUST FREE – Our machines keep dust to a minimum and are used for all types of surface preparation projects including paint removal, mastic removal, or other contaminants.

Our shot blast system profiles the surface thus leaving a clean, dust-free floor that is ready for our client for installation applications.


COST SAVINGS – Since we utilize powered equipment, our concrete floor resurfacing and preparation services are more economical and faster than other conventional methods or manual labor.