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Lead Removal and Lead Abatement Services

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The Mack Group, LLC offers a total solution to your lead removal, lead abatement, and lead remediation service needs. As a lead abatement removal contractor, The MACK Group, LLC offers the following services:

  • Lead Paint and Dust Removal
  • Lead Paint Encapsulation
  • Chemical Stripping
  • Lead Dust Cleanup
  • Lead Paint Remediation


Typical Lead paint and Dust Removal Projects


Lead Paint Removal
Lead Paint Removal


  • Removal of flaking wall paint via mechanical means (brushes, scrapers)
  • Abrasive blasting removal of paint from building interiors
  • Decontamination of lead dust via HEPA vacuum
  • Cleanup of industrial facilities and plants with historic lead paint and lead dust contamination
  • Abrasive blasting of tanks and other exterior structures
  • Transportation and disposal of lead-contaminated soils from paint flakes and dust


Sources of Lead Contamination


The most common sources of exposure today are soil contaminated with lead and lead-based paint that has deteriorated into paint chips and lead dust.

Lead contaminated dust can come from lead-based paint that is chipping, flaking, or deteriorated or when such paint is scraped, sanded, or disturbed during alteration, maintenance, or demolition projects.


The MACK Group, LLC understands these sources of contamination and is an expert in the remediation of lead paint and dust. Our workers are experienced in lead-based paint removal and abatement as well as trained in all OSHA regulations and safety requirements.


Our management is knowledgeable in environmental regulations and how to comply with Federal and State Regulations.

If you have lead paint or dust removal project, please contact The MACK Group, LLC to have a comprehensive estimate developed that includes both cost, schedule, and methodology.

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