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Steroid Decommissioning Services

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Steroid Decommissioning


Decommissioning definition


Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plant Reactor


Decommissioning (also called abandonment) is the process by which the owner-operator of an offshore oil or gas installation will plan, gain approval for, and implement the removal, disposal, or reuse of installation when it is no longer needed for its current purpose.


What Does Decommissioning Mean?


Decommissioning can be defined in different ways by different companies, but for The MACK Group, it predominantly refers to our work involved in the scheduled shut-down and ceasing of operations of Industrial, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power, or Nuclear facilities.

Demolition of structures or buildings can sometimes be referred to as decommissioning, and these two elements of our business often coincide and collaborate on large-scale Industrial, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power, or Nuclear projects.


What does decommissioning consist of?


Principally though, decommissioning works for The MACK Group, LLC constitutes the following:
The works involved in decommissioning Industrial, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power, or Nuclear facilities or plants encompass a detailed process and, like the demolition works that often follow on such projects, require defined surveying, planning, and management throughout the works.


Decommissioning plan


A decommissioning plan and scope of works will be produced and risk assessments and method statements, along with a program of works environmental management plan and site waste management plan, will be compiled and agreed upon with the client and authorities before any work can commence.


Decontamination and industrial cleaning


Decontamination and industrial cleaning of elements such as plant, machinery, equipment, and pipework within a facility is often the first phase of work. Only once this is completed and the areas signed off can the strip-out and removal phase of the decommissioning work begin.


Strip-out and removal


On occasion, the plant, machinery, and equipment are to be transferred to another facility or plant for re-use, at the request of the client. The strip-out and removal process needs to be more intricate so as not to cause damage.

If the decommissioned plant, machinery, or equipment is not to be transferred to another facility then these elements are transferred to a licensed recycling and waste facility and this will conform with the site waste management plan agreed at the start of the project.


Monitoring and progress evaluation


In line with all The MACK Group projects, continued project monitoring and progress evaluation will be conducted throughout the project. We believe in providing the safest, most practical, and cost-effective solution for strategic decommissioning. Project KPI’s are continuously monitored and client feedback incorporated, thus providing optimum client satisfaction to budget and program.


Structural demolition works


Once a site has been decommissioned, any scheduled demolition works of structures or buildings can take place.

Such decommissioning and demolition works can often take place when a portion of the facility or plant is remaining operational, so our typical high levels of operational and health and safety procedures are at the forefront of our approach.

Phased decommissioning and demolition works are often adopted to eliminate risk and disruption to the remainder of the facility and its staff.


Survey and site handover


Once all decommissioning and demolition works have been completed a survey and handover are completed to release the site for the next stage of its development.


How long does decommissioning take?


Decommissioning phases of projects can vary in duration, depending on the scale of the plant or facility to be decommissioned, the level of decontamination and industrial cleaning of the plant, machinery, or equipment, whether such arisings are to be retained for another facility or plant or recycled, and whether the works are to be carried out in agreed phasing to allow the continued operation of another area of the facility or plant.

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